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How To Fill Out Form W-4

Medical Office: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
What Do the 3 Digits Bill Codes Stand for on...
Type of bill codes are three digit codes located on a claim form that describes the type of bill a provider is submitting to a payer. Each digit has a specific purpose and is required on all UB-04 claims in field locator 4.
How much can you make as a medical office...
Medical Receptionist [med-i-kuhl ri-sep-shuh-nist] (Noun): a person employed in a medical office responsible for performing basic clinical, administrative and office support.
What You Need to Know about the UB-04 Form
Information on the billing form for institutional providers.
Learn the difference between physician billing...
There are two different types of billing - professional billing and institutional billing.
Use This Sample Letter to Remind Patients to...
Here are four sample billing cycle letters for patient's with balances greater than $250.00.
What is Medicare Part B?
Medicare Part B is the part of Medicare called medical insurance. This part of Medicare is optional to patients one they reach the age of 65 and charges a monthly premium. Part B covers most services not covered by Part A.
What is Medicare Part A?
Medicare is split into two parts. Medicare Part A is called hospital insurance and Medicare Part B is called medical insurance. Find out more about Medicare Part A.
Avoid Violation of HIPAA Laws
All healthcare providers have a responsibility to keep their staff trained and informed regarding HIPAA compliance.
6 Importants Parts of a Medical Record
Depending on the level or need of care a patient has, records may vary, but all medical records will contain some common information.
5 Things to Know About ICD-10
There are several things a medical office manager must know in order to begin planning in preparation for the ICD-10 implementation.
What is Medical Coding?
Medical coding is important for the billing and communicating between providers and insurers.
Learning about Medical Coding
Lesson 1: Introduction to Medical Coding
Get Authorization, Get Paid
Denied claims due to unauthorized patient procedures or services can be a major loss in revenue that should not be taken lightly. Although most medical offices are moving closer to 100% verification for patient services, there is still no guarantee that every account will make it through the insurance company claims department stamped paid.
Understanding Claims Adjudication
Claims Adjudication refers to the determination of the insurer's payment or financial responsibility, after the member's insurance benefits are applied to a medical claim.
Medical Biller
Responsible for the timely submission of technical or professional medical claims to insurance companies.
8 Facts About Aetna Insurance
Basic information on billing medical claims to Aetna.
Introduction to OSHA Compliance
Just like any other organization, there are safety and health hazards that can be found in the medical office. OSHA has five guidelines and standards that will help protect the employees of the medical office.
What Is Coordination of Benefits?
How to determine coordination of benefits when the patient has multiple insurance health plans.
Remittance Advice
What is a remittance advice? Medical Office.
10 Responsibilities of Health Information...
Health Information Management is the process of maintaining, storing and retrieving patient health information in accordance with applicable Federal, State, and accrediting agencies' requirements.
Understanding HCPCS Codes
In order for medical claims to process correctly, there is a standard of codes used to identify services and procedures. HCPCS codes are an important billing component.
The Great ICD-10 Debate
There has been a lot of opposition to the ICD-10 implementation scheduled for October 2013. Should the deadline be extended? What are the benefits? What are the disadvantages?
ICD-9 Coding Overview
ICD-9 codes are used to describe a patient's diagnosis including symptoms, diseases or disorders.
Measuring Medical Office Staff Performance
Managers can measure medical office staff performance by developing and maintaining a system that measures both quality and quantity of work as specified in the job description for each position.
Free Online Medical Billing Course
If you are interested in becoming a medical biller, here is Lesson 1: Introduction to Medical Billing.
Medical Assistant Career Guide
Learn more about a career as a medical assistant.
When a Patient Complains
In the healthcare field, the patient is often left with no other option but to file a complaint against a healthcare worker.
How Well Do You Know ...Medical Billing? Take...
Take the medical billing quiz now!
What are the job duties of an RHIT?
Registered Health Information Technician (Noun): a person employed in a medical office responsible for assembling, organizing, and maintaining healthcare information.
How to Join the CIGNA HealthCare Network
Information on Becoming a Participating Provider
What does a medical assistant o?
Medical Assistant. Medical Office.
Top 5 Most Common Billing Mistakes
Improve the financial performance of your revenue cycle by identifying and correcting the most common medical billing mistakes.
Effects of communication breakdowns
Incomplete or inaccurate patient records and communication breakdowns can have serious consequences for the medical office and its patients.
How to Calculate A/R Days
How do you measure A/R days? Medical Office.
The New CMS 1500 form
What has changed on the new CMS 1500 form?
Preparing the CMS-1500 Form
Getting your professional fees billed and paid should not give you a headache. Learn how to properly prepare the CMS-1500 form.
3 Golden Rules to Medical Office Management
No matter if you are managing the small staff of a physicians office or the billing staff in a hospital, the manager can accomplish the goals of the organization from the medical office aspect using various tactics.
Top 10 Reasons Claims Get Denied
Understanding the reasons why medical claims deny can help limit the number of denials your office receives.
CPT Codes by Category
Procedure Codes. Medical Office.
Reasons why medical claims deny
Understanding the reasons why medical claims deny can help limit the number of denials your office receives.
Informing Patients of Privacy Rights
Health care providers have an obligation to provide their patients with a Notice of Privacy Practices. Learn more about what you need to do to be HIPAA compliant.
Electronic Health Record Versus Paper Medical...
Many providers have been hesitant to take on the task of converting from the paper-based medical record system to the electronic medical record. Become familiar with the difference in each system.
Use this patient registration form template to...
This registration form template lists the information that the medical office needs to include when creating a registration form.
Implementing a New Information System
Selecting an information system (IS) in a healthcare organization takes time and planning. Here are factors to consider when making this decision.
Use This Sample Billing Letter to Remind...
Here are three sample billing cycle letters for patient's with balances less than $250.00.
United Healthcare and Medical Billing Review
Basic information on billing medical claims to United Healthcare.
The Do's and Don'ts of Medicare Billing
Here are a few simple tips to improve your Medicare billing process.
Medical Office.
Basic info on Medicare Part C
Medicare Part C are Medicare Advantage Plans, also known as Medicare Managed Care Plans that provide Medicare patients an alternative insurance plan in place of traditional Medicare benefits.
The Role of Accounting in the Medical Office
As the backbone of the organization, the accounting department allows the organization to operate at its fullest potential. Without an accounting department, it would be impossible for any type of organization to operate in a cost effective manner.
What are the Six Most Commonly Used Procedure...
Medical coding is a major factor in obtaining insurance reimbursement as well as maintaining patient records.
What does a medical records clerk do?
Medical records clerk job description, education and salary.
Does your receptionist have excellent telephone...
Does your receptionist have excellent telephone etiquette? It is important for your medical office staff to consistently offer a polite, consistent phone manner. When a patient calls in, the way in which the front desk personnel handle the telephone call determines how your facility is perceived.
Learn the rules for accurate medical coding
Learn the basic rules of medical coding
Learning About Medical Terminology
While most medical office personnel will not necessarily have to know vast amounts of technical medical terminology, it is important to have a working knowledge in order to effectively fulfill your duties in a medical setting.
Employees caught violating HIPAA
Don't let any of these social media breaches happen to you...
HIPAA Compliant Office Products
There are lots of products available to help you adhere to HIPAA rules and regulations. Here are 4 essential HIPAA office products that are a must have.
Revenue Cycle Management
It is important to be aware of all aspects of the revenue cycle and how it can impact your insurance reimbursements. This article gives great advice on ways to effectively manage the revenue cycle in order to maximize your insurance reimbursements.
How to Participate in an Aetna Network
Learn how your office can become a participating provider for Aetna health insurance.
Three Safeguards to Reduce Risks to PHI
With the increased use of information technology in health care, your medical office must continue to find ways to maintain the security of the protected health information (PHI) of the patients they serve.
Learn More About HIPAA
HIPAA violations can lead to fines and possible legal trouble.
The Best Resource for Billing CHAMPVA
Basic information on billing medical claims to CHAMPVA
Why Medical Coding Should Be Accurate?
Medical coding is a major factor in obtaining insurance reimbursement as well as maintaining patient records. Coding claims accurately lets the insurance payer know the illness or injury of the patient and the method of treatment.
Medical Office Managers
Career Guide. Medical Office.
Registered Nurse Job Description
Learn more about working as a registered nurse with this job description and salary information.
Coding, Billing and Collections Practices
Coding, billing, and collections are important to a thriving medical facility no matter the size or specialty.
The New Medicare Adjustment Code
The federal budget sequestration cuts impacting Medicare claims went into effect on April 1, 2013 - April Fools Day - but it was no laughing matter.
Collection Do's and Don'ts
Maintaining excellent customer service while still offering excellent customer can be a challenge. Learn the do's and don'ts of patient collections practices.
Modifiers Use in Coding
What is a Modifier? Medical Office.
3 Reasons to Follow-Up on Claims
Once the bill has been received by the insurance company, you do not have to be at their mercy to get paid in a timely manner. Follow-up on your outstanding claims and improve the time it takes to get your claims paid.
Appeal your medical claim today
If you haven't considered appealing your denied claims or are having trouble getting them paid, here is some important information that you can use to assist you in developing a new process.
The 8 areas of ARM
Improving the financial position of your medical office depends on how well you manage your accounts receivables.
4 Must Have Skills for Medical Office Managers
With the right combination of skills, knowledge and determination, any manager can successfully lead their team to accomplish the objectives of the medical office.
Update: CPT Codes Added in 2014
Added CPT Codes Radiology Related 2014
7 Advantages of Outsourcing Your Medical Billing
The idea of outsourcing your medical billing claims can be a difficult choice if you don't know all of the facts. Before making a decision, learn more about the advantages of outsourcing.
The Basics of Health Insurance Plans
Basic information of health insurance plans is important for treating patients for an illness or injury. Becoming familiar with the types of health insurance plans that are common to the medical office eliminate problems and complications in the long run.
What is HIPAA Anyway?
The intent of this summary is to shed some light on the issue for those who are currently in the dark about the “what” and “why” of HIPAA.
Claims Adjudication
Claims Adjudication refers to the determination of the insurer's payment or financial responsibility, after the member's insurance benefits are applied.
Medical Record Checklist
Medical Record Checklist
Don't Get Fined for Privacy Breaches
Privacy breaches of protected health information continue to be a problem for the entire health care industry. Facilities across the country have found themselves faced with fines due to the unauthorized disclosure of patient information whether accidental or not.
Why job descriptions help you hire the best...
The first impressions your customers receive about your medical practice are often from your office staff making them crucial to the success of your organization. Know what skills are important when hiring your medical office staff.
Medicare Overview
This section provides a brief overview of Medicare basic
How to Handle Insurance Overpayments
No one wants the hassle of having an insurance overpayment. However, there is a simple process to make sure refunds are handled promptly.
Cheat Sheet for Medical Billers
Cheat Sheet for Medical Billers
5 Benefits of Accurate Payment Posting
Accuracy in payment posting can have a major impact on the success of the revenue cycle.
Registered Nurse
Job Description. Medical Office.
Effective Communication Practices
So, what does effective communication look like in the medical office setting?
Develop a Winning Upfront Collections Policy
There is a process to developing a winning upfront collections policy. Learn what needs to be included in your upfront collections strategy.
Learn More to Earn More - 11 Organizations...
Billing and Coding Certifications
How much can you make as a radiology technician?
Find out more about a career as a radiology technician in this guide with salary information.
Evaluating Staff Workflow and Productivity
Workflow and productivity is essential to the success of the medical office. A streamlined workflow will naturally improve employee poductivity. A medical office without efficient ways to perform necessary job duties cannot perform them effectively.
5 Reasons Patients Don't Come Back
The top five reasons patient's don't come back include these.
5 Steps to a Strategic Plan
In any medical office there are factors that can influence the success of the organization. The key is identifying those factors whether they are within your control or not, and developing a plan that will lead to the achievement of the organization's future goals.
Lesson 3: ICD-9 Coding
Lesson 3: ICD-9 Coding
5 New Patient Handouts
The best way to inform patients and provide them with important information is to put it in writing. Here are 5 handouts that every medical office needs to give out to new patients.
How to Achieve Medical Necessity
A physician must be thorough in their notes and explanations in order to give the payer’s medical reviewers sufficient data from which to determine the necessity of a diagnosis, a set of tests, or a treatment or therapy.
Patient Access Services
The cycle of a patient account originates with the initial entry of patient demographic information.
How to Write a Medical Office Business Plan
Organization, Marketing and Financial Elements are the three most important elements of a medical office startup business plan.
6 steps to establishing financial policy
The success of any health care facility depends on the strength of the medical office's financial policy. There are many categories that should be addressed; here are six of them.
Update: CPT Codes Revised and Deleted in 2014
Revised and deleted CPT Codes 2014 Radiology Related
Promote diversity to improve patient care
Diversity is an environment that recognizes, values and promotes the differences of people within the Medical Office and the community.
Fee Schedule Analysis
The fee schedule is one of the most important financial tools utilized by the medical office. This file not only reflects the value of the services provided by the physicians but also sets the foundation for profitability.
The Medical Billing Process
The medical billing process in 6 steps
Proper Disposal of PHI
Proper disposal of protected health information (PHI) and other confidential information whether paper or electronic format is a requirement of HIPAA. Any facility defined by HIPAA as a covered-entity has the responsibility to ensure the privacy and security of its patient’s information as well as maintaining the confidentiality of their PHI.
How Important is Medical Office Terminology
The importance of knowing common medical office terms.
5 HR Tasks for Medical Office Managers
A manager has several roles to perform within a medical office. Human resources tasks are high on the list of things to do.
How to Determine When Medicare is the Secondary...
Understanding the difference between when Medicare is secondary or primary can make billing Medicare easier for health care providers
5 Best Medical Office Jobs in 2015
5 Best Medical Office Jobs in 2015
Four Steps for Great Patient Relations
Four Steps for Great Patient Relations
3 Ways to Improve Patient Billing Communication
Patient satisfaction is not just based on how well the patient view the medical treatment received but also includes how well the patient understands the medical bills they receive.
Patient Flow Assessment
Determining how your patients move throughout your medical office should be one of the first areas to be assessed. From the time a patient schedules an appointment, arrives to the medical office, checks-in for their visit, sits in the waiting area, waits in the exam room, is treated by a physician, checks-out and pays, and finally leaves, only the patient knows whether the entire process flowed smoothly or not.
6 Current Issues for Medical Office Managers
What are the most current issues for medical office managers? How can a medical office manager implement successful stategies?
Health Care Holidays 2016
Here is a list of national health care holidays for 2016
Using the SOAP format
Using SOAP in the electronic health record
Simple Steps to Appeal a Medical Necessity Denial
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >There are many
How much can a medical biller expect to make?
Learn what it takes to be a medical biller at a hospital with this job description and salary information.
Interested in a career in medical coding?
Job Description. Medical Office.
Accurate coding for Medicare
When providers fail to comply with the coding requirements that are necessary for billing outpatient procedures, the chance for improper billing is increased.
Upfront Collections in Four Steps
Requesting money from a sick patient for some people seems insensitive, however, it must be understood that health care costs money. Although it may be a touchy topic, collecting upfront payment from your patients is a necessary aspect that needs to be addressed.
Lesson 2: Medical Coding Basics
Lesson 2: Medical Coding Basics
Did You Know That Medicaid is the Always Billed...
Do you know whether Medicaid is billed first or last? Find out why Medicaid is always the payor of last resort.
Insurance Verification: Avoiding Denied Claims
Insurance verification is the first and most important component to the revenue cycle. This article explains the importance of having an insurance verification process in place.
What you need to know about Coventry Health Care
Basic information on billing medical claims to Coventry Health Care
Medical Terminology: The Study of Medical Terms
The definition of medical terminology
Lesson 3: Medical Claims Processing
Lesson 3: Medical Claims Processing
8 Responsibilities of the Front Desk
The front desk staff are usually the first contact the patient has with your office.
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Career Guide
Learn more about working as a diagnostic medical sonographer in this career guide with salary information.
Medical Office Start-Up Checklist
The process of starting a Medical Office can be a difficult task but with the proper planning, you can have your Medical Office up and running effectively and efficiently. The decisions you make now are crucial as you set your goals regarding every aspect of your Medical Office.
Epic Problems or Epic Results
Is Epic EHR an Epic Failure? Medical Office.
Credentialing Physicians and Other Professionals
Partnering with insurance carriers is a necessary process for any medical office. Physicians and other professionals must provide a list of verifications to insurance carriers, including Medicare and Medicaid, in order to be eligible for reimbursable expenses.
Five Touchless Products for Infection Control
Infection control practices should be incorporated into the daily routine of all health care facilities including the medical office. Here are five products that the medical office can benefit from in their effort to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
Prevent denials due to invalid modifier...
Prevent denials due to invalid modifier combinations
Medical billers aka the clean up crew
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Lesson 4: Medical Billing to Medicare,...
Medical Billing to Medicare, Medicaid, and Other Payers
What providers need to know about TRICARE
Basic information on billing medical claims to TRICARE.
10 Facts about MSP
Understanding the difference between when Medicare is primary or secondary can make billing Medicare easier for health care providers.
Medical Record
Medical Record. Medical Office.
How You Can Help CMS Prevent Medicare Fraud
The Medicare program relies heavily on a number of sources to assist them in the detection and prevention of Medicare fraud including professionals of the healthcare industry.
When, why, and how to use an ABN
It is important to know when it is necessary to use a Medicare ABN and the responsibility of a health care provider to it's Medicare patients.
Want to learn more about DRG codes and...
Lesson 5: DRG Codes & Modifiers
New to Coding? Find out more here
A brief overview of diagnosis coding
Use Chart Audits to Avoid Denials
Assuming that your medical claims are being billed error free is the surest way to getting denials and delayed payments. Incorporating a chart audit process in your day to day operations could be the difference between being paid as early as 10 to 14 days instead of 45 days.
Patient Rights: The Right to Privacy
One of the most basic rights that a patient has is the right to privacy.

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