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NextGen Healthcare's NextPen

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


The Bottom Line

Introducing a revolutionary digital pen that quickly captures data into NextGen® Ambulatory EHR.

  • Combine the ease of pen and paper with the structured data capture capabilities of today's technology.
  • Create structured EHR data from popular forms, without scanning or transcription.
  • Capture everything you write or draw as part of a patient's record.
  • Easy to use by patients or providers with no learning curve, as part of your existing workflow.

From NextGen Healthcare, NextPen


  • Avoids time consuming document scanning
  • Eliminates transcription time and costs
  • Increases accuracy
  • Uses regular paper


  • Only compatible for use with NextGen Ambulatory EHR


  • The pen's tip captures everything as it is written or drawn.
  • Simply place the pen in a USB docking station, approve the data, and NextPen automatically fills the data fields.
  • Allows patients to complete medical history and answer questions on a customizable, intake forms.
  • Captures handwritten information and changes it into digital format.
  • Automatically attaches any form to the patient's record.

Guide Review - NextGen Healthcare's NextPen

I had the recent experience and pleasure of viewing a demonstration of the NextPen to get a better idea of how it works.

NextGen's NextPen is a digital pen that quickly captures data making the transfer of paper records into EHR simpler and easy to use. This effortless system increases accuracy by using digital technology with only a pen and paper.

If your Medical Office currently utilizes any NextGen products, this would be an excellent addition to your daily process.

My only question was "What if someone walked away with it?", but aside from that, the NextPen is a neat gadget that would prove beneficial to your Medical Office and your efforts to convert to an EHR system.

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