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Medsoft's HybridChart

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The Bottom Line

Medsoft HybridChart is a hospital rounding solutions module designed for the medical office. This new rounding software offers efficient new communication and tracking software to simplify the rounding process.

Key Points of HybridChart
  • Maintain list of all admitted patients on service, sorted by hospital
  • Location and narrative for easy signout between providers
  • Print Menu for custom rounding lists
  • Alerts for new admissions / consults
  • Assign diagnoses with ICD9 codes to each patient
  • Easy billing with automatic conversion to CPT codes


  • Streamlines billing process to ensure billing of all patient care
  • Reduces time and administrative work by doctors and support staff
  • Improves efficiency of billing process to minimize costs
  • Maintains patient diagnosis, CPT and billing history in an electronic format
  • Never miss another bill again with automatic alerts, dramatically reducing risk of information loss


  • Cannot integrate with older medical record systems


  • Integrates with Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Streamlines current hospital rounding process
  • Easy billing with automatic conversion to CPT codes
  • Automatic alerts for new admissions and consults
  • Location and narrative for easy sign-outs between providers
  • Assigns diagnosis with ICD9 codes to each patient
  • Easily adds new patients
  • No long-term contracts
  • Accessible, real-time information via any internet connection
  • Fully customizable to fit YOUR practice

Guide Review - Medsoft's HybridChart

Medsoft's HybridChart was developed by physicians, for physicians. This rounding software offers a method of organizing and managing data in a way that allows physicians to be more productive and increase efficiency in the medical office.

The system charges per physician per month to minimize upfront costs and no contract. This allows physicians to try the product with no risk. Typically the system is built and customized within two weeks, and another week to work out the kinks.

Medsoft includes training for the physicians and medical office staff. “Our training process and customer support team ensure billing managers and healthcare administrators are fully engrained with the new system so they can start seeing the benefits – increased efficiency and revenue – immediately,” explains Christian Burris, Medsoft CEO http://gomedsoft.com/.

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