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Health IT

Health Information Technology refers to the latest information on technology and software innovations in the health care industry.
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The World is Going Mobile
More than 1.2 billion people are now connected to the mobile web via smart phones or tablets, and that number is growing faster than any other consumer trend ever recorded. Guest Author Tim Moore discusses how mobile technology can help to improve communication with patients.

New Website Changes HIT Recruitment Tactics

Consider the Use of Telehealth Technology
Telehealth services allow providers to take part in a nationwide effort to improve the quality healthcare, prevent medical errors, reduce cost and increase access to health care for many Americans.

Implementing a New Information System
Medical office professionals must be informed on the details prior to beginning the process of acquiring an information system, how the organizations goals drive the selection process and the roles each organizations stakeholder’s play in the selection and acquisition process.

The Future Integration of Health Care
The wisest providers of healthcare will need to follow some basic principles as they adopt EHR’s in their practice. Guest Author Tim Moore discusses the future integration of health care.

Consider Using iPads instead of Clipboards
Paperless forms on an iPad or other electronic device are an advantage...

The SOAP Format for the Electronic Health Record
Using the SOAP format is an effective method for documentation...

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