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Medical Office Assessment: Identify Opportunities for Improvement

Have you considered performing an assessment of your medical office? Focusing on your current operations allows you to identify opportunities for improvement. Usually managers and administrators only consider performing an assessment when the medical office is in financial trouble, however, an assessment can be done any time to evaluate your overall performance. Performing an assessment now can prevent costly consultant fees later.

Part 1: Patient Flow
Determining how your patients move throughout your medical office should be one of the first areas to be assessed. From the time a patient schedules an appointment, arrives to the medical office, checks-in for their visit, sits in the waiting area, waits in the exam room, is treated by a physician, checks-out and pays, and finally leaves, only...

Part 2: Workflow and Productivity
Workflow and productivity is essential to the success of the medical office. A streamlined workflow will naturally improve employee poductivity. A medical office without efficient ways to perform necessary job duties cannot perform them effectively.

Part 3: Managed Care Contracts
An assessment of managed care contracts give the medical office the opportunity to determine whether the provider agreement is fair, competitive and up-to-date. Knowing the current condition of the managed care contracts allow the Medical Office to consider several options.

Part 4: Occupational and Environmental Safety
An occupational and environmental safety assessment focuses on the work environment of the medical office that can potentially cause harm, injury or illness to the staff. Performing this type of an assessment can be used to prevent, eliminate and reduce workplace hazards that directly relate to exposures blood or body fluids, hazardous or...

Part 5: Adverse Medical Events
Assessing adverse medical events is a priority for promoting patient safety and reducing medical errors and events. It is necessary to implement effective methods for the detection, implementation and monitoring of continuous quality improvement methods to maintain national standards of health care in the medical office.

Part 6: Fee Schedule
The fee schedule is one of the most important financial tools utilized by the medical office. This file not only reflects the value of the services provided by the physicians but also sets the foundation for profitability.

4 Key Areas to Measure Success
If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.

Process Improvement in 4 Steps

It's Time For a Change: Make It Now in 3 Easy Steps
Here are 3 easy steps to make positive change in your medical office.

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