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Medical Billing

The medical billing process requires a complete knowledge of insurance payers and the laws and regulations of the healthcare industry.
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  4. Medicare and Medicaid (25)
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4 Areas that Should Never Be Outsourced
There are many advantages to outsourcing certain tasks. It saves time and money and eliminates the burden of concentrating on too many aspects of the medical office. However, not all tasks can or should be outsourced.

Who Pays Primary? Who Pays Secondary?
How to determine coordination of benefits when the patient has multiple insurance health plans.

Coding, Billing and Collections Practices in Medical Offices
Coding, billing, and collections are important to a thriving medical facility no matter the size or specialty.


Tips for Successful Paper Billing
Paper billing is not the first choice for billing medical claims but is sometimes a necessary chore. Of course, the electronic claims process is much simpler and faster compared to the manual process of paper billing. So if you must, here are some simple tips for successful paper billing.

The Art of Medical Billing
Here are 5 areas that require an understanding in order to be successful in medical billing.

How Well Do You Know ...Medical Billing? Take the Quiz

Credentialing and the New Graduate
The importance of credentialing for new medical graduates with Guest Olga Khabinskay, General Manager of WCH Service Bureau.

The Major Differences Between Physician and Hospital Billing
There are two different types of billing - professional billing and institutional billing.

The Medical Billing Process
The medical billing process in 6 steps

ASC Billing Basics
Some basic information for billing ASC claims

When to Bill a Liability Carrier

Cheat Sheet for Medical Billers

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