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HIMSS Profile


Website URL:

Official Name:

Health Information and Management Systems Society

Targeted Career:

Health Information Technology

HIMSS Message:

“to promote the continual improvement of hospital management systems through organized programs of research, education, and professional practice.”

Features and Benefits:

  • Individual Membership expands your professional resources, career options and industry knowledge.
  • Organizational Affiliate, an enterprise-wide membership program for healthcare providers, fosters learning, consensus and collaboration.
  • Corporate Membership expands your company’s industry influence and presence.
To learn more about any membership category, go to www.himss.org

About HIMSS:

  • Formerly: Hospital Management Systems Society
  • Founder: Edward J. Gerner
  • Established: Georgia Institute of Technology, 1961
  • Motto: "Transforming Healthcare Through IT"
  • Members: 35,000 individual members, 520 corporate members, and 120 not-for-profit associations as members
  • Vision: Advancing the best use of information and management systems for the betterment of health care.
  • Mission: To lead healthcare transformation through the effective use of health information technology.

Contact Information:

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society

230 East Ohio Street, Suite 500

Chicago, IL 60611-3270

Phone: (312) 664-HIMSS (664-4467)

Fax: (312) 664-6143

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