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ABIM Foundation Profile


Website URL:

Official Name:

ABIM Foundation

Targeted Career:

  • Physicians
  • Specialists
  • Nurses
  • Health care professionals

ABIM Foundation Message:

Our strategic goal is to catalyze improvements in health care by advancing medical professionalism. Our initiatives include programs that:

  • Highlight and stimulate organizational and policy forces to advance professional values and behaviors
  • Engage physicians in advancing the quality of care
  • Support new competencies to improve quality
  • Learn from international comparisons

Features and Benefits:

The ABIM Foundation provides an array of resources for the purpose of "Advancing Medical Professionalism to Improve Health Care". These resources include:

  • Articles, Videos, and Powerpoint Presentations
  • Organizations related to medical professionalism
  • Studies, publications and conversation briefs about medical professionalism
  • Assessments, surveys and other medical professionalism tools
  • Medical professionalism blog highlighting best practices related to professionalism

About ABIM Foundation:

Established in 1999 by ABIM as a non-profit operating foundation, the ABIM Foundation complements ABIM’s board Certification program. The ABIM Foundation's goal is to enhance quality of care.

The ABIM Foundation focuses on four primary activities:

  • Exploring what it means for physicians to be professionals in the 21st century;
  • Stimulating physicians to become involved in quality assessment and improvement;
  • Bringing diverse groups of leaders together to enable dialogue and consensus; and
  • Promoting research of quality evaluation and improvement.

Contact Information:

ABIM Foundation

510 Walnut Street, Suite 1700

Philadelphia, PA 19106-3699

Phone: (215) 446-3530

Fax: (215) 446-3473

Email: info@abimfoundation.org

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