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PAHCOM Profile


Official Name:

Professional Association of Health Care Office Management

Website URL:

Targeted Career:

Medical Office Managers, Medical Practice Administrators


  • Founder: Richard Blanchette, Executive Director
  • Established: Sharing Knowledge Since 1988
  • Motto: "PAHCOM Shares Knowledge"
  • Members: 23 Chapters, 14 US States

PAHCOM Message:

"We are a professional association supporting managers of small medical practices (often solo physician practices) across the United States. We also have a few members in other countries but those are rare exceptions at this time. For more than 23 years we have been providing professional development including education, networking, and resources that aid these managers toward improving their practice compliance, efficiency, and profitability. Ours is truly a wonderful role as we are making a difference for these professionals who help so many others in their daily work." ~PAHCOM Association Director Kate Blanchette

Features and Benefits:

  • Conferences designed for professional development including education and networking
  • Member library with access to manuals, forms, policies, and procedures
  • The Certified Medical Manager (CMM) program identifies medical office managers as having the experience, skills and knowledge necessary to successfully manage a medical office
  • A career center for professionals to post their resumes and employers to post career opportunities
  • The PAHCOM Journal, a bimonthly magazine
  • Networking opportunities thru local chapter activities, social networks and online forums
  • Scholarships, recognition programs, and more...

Contact Information:

Professional Association of Health Care Office Management

1576 Bella Cruz Drive, Suite 360, Lady Lake, FL 32159

Phone: 800-451-9311


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