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Essential Skills For Medical Office Managers

The 21st Century Workforce
Managing the medical office in the 21st century presents many challenges to both experienced and non-experienced medical office managers.

5 HR Tasks for Medical Office Managers
A manager has several roles to perform within a medical office. Human resources tasks are high on the list of things to do.

4 Ways to Promote Diversity
Diversity is an environment that recognizes, values and promotes the differences of people within the Medical Office and the community.

5 Components for Effective Internal Controls
Internal controls are defined as a process designed to discourage fraud, safeguard company resources, and ensure compliance with laws and regulations. Internal controls are only effective if they are determined by the specific needs of the medical office, implemented, monitored, and measured to make sure they are functioning as planned.

OSHA Compliance
Just like any other organization, there are safety and health hazards that can be found in the medical office. OSHA has five guidelines and standards that will help protect the employees of the medical office.

Successful Communication Techniques and Practices
So, what does effective communication look like in the medical office setting?

Know the Basic Employment Laws

Decoding Hidden Communication
Understanding along with clear expectations are the most successful ways of addressing hidden communication cues and the messages they send.

3 Mistakes of a Rookie Manager

Employee Handbook Essentials

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