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Medical Assistant


General Description:

Responsible for administrative task and basic clinical tasks in a medical office setting usually in a physician office.

Job Duties:

  • Front office tasks including answering the phone, scheduling appointments and greeting patients
  • Check height, weight, temperature and blood pressure
  • Assist physicians in examinations and small office procedures


High school diploma or equivalent. Knowledge of clinical procedures usually obtained from a certificate or Associates degree in a clinical program including anatomy, physiology, phlebotomy, first aid and medical terminology.


No specific experience is required. Most Medical Assistants learn from on the job training.

Expected Salary:

Salary amounts vary based on years of experience, education and job location. Use the Salary Comparison and Salary Calculator Tool to evaluate the average salary for this and other medical office jobs.

Current Job Openings:

Find current job openings for a Medical Assistant and similar positions.
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