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Medical Office Start-Up Checklist


Welcome to the Start-Up Medical Office Checklist! Here you will find some tips to help you start-up a new medical office, relocate, join or reorganize an existing one.

  1. Before you begin....
  2. Medical Office Staff
  3. Risk Management
  1. Health Information Technology (HIT)
  2. Leadership Associations
  3. Supplies and Equipment

Before you begin....

The process of starting a Medical Office can be a difficult task but with the proper planning, you can have your Medical Office up and running effectively and efficiently. The decisions you make now are crucial as you set your goals regarding every aspect of your Medical Office.

Medical Office Staff

As everyone knows, first impressions are lasting ones. The first impressions your customers receive about your medical practice are often from your office staff making them crucial to the success of your organization.

Risk Management

There are many aspects of business and operational processes that are necessary for the proper function of your Medical Office. Although your Medical Office has its own unique needs, there are some that are essential to providing quality care. Risk Management is the process of reducing or eliminating certain events from happening that can have a negative impact on the medical office.

Health Information Technology (HIT)

The utilization of health information technology will assist the medical office in improving the overall quality of health care by providing more effective administrative processes, reducing health care costs, and improving the privacy of patient information.

Leadership Associations

Applying for membership at several associations can help provide the resources and tools necessary for continued professional growth and development.

Supplies and Equipment

There are lots of products available to help operate a successful medical office.

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