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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Medical Terminology (3)

What is ICD-10?

What is the Meaning of "Bill Liability Carrier"?

What are the Six Most Commonly Used Procedure Codes?

Do Medical Laboratories Use the CMS-1500 form for Billing?

How Challenging is the Medical Billing Field?

What is a Rejected Claim?

How Does the Medical Office Stay Informed About HIPAA?
It is the responsibility of your medical office to stay informed on all state, federal and insurance guidelines. Learn about HIPAA, EHR and other compliance issues.

What are Some Basic Tools for Managing a Medical Office?
The toolbox is an organized source of tips, resources and information with a wide range of topics on basic Medical Office concepts and fundamentals.

What is Necessary to Start Up a Medical Office?
Here you will find some tips to help you start-up a new medical office, relocate, join or reorganize an existing one.

What Information is Important to the Medical Office Manager?

Defining the Medical Office
Learn more about the basics of the medical office....

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