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5 Steps to Selecting EHR Software


The time has come to upgrade your old paper-based medical record system to the electronic health record (EHR).  Of course you want to select the best EHR software for your organization.  There are five simple steps to the selection process.


1. Identify Your Needs

Create a list of all the capabilities you will need your EHR software to have.  Evaluate your current system and determine  what you will need to improve it.

2. Research and Compare

Research and compile a list of at least 10 different EHR software vendors.  Create a spreadsheet of all vendors and what they have to offer so you can have a clear picture to base your decision on.  Make sure you include the cost of each system, the features they offer and whether they are web-based or an on-site system.  Once you have evaluated all the vendors on your list, eliminated the ones that don't meet your budget or don't meet all of your needs.

3. Schedule Several Demonstrations

Contact all the vendors you selected in step 2 to set up a date and time for you and your selection team to review the EHR software.  Have everyone on your team take detailed notes.

4. Decision TIme

Discuss with your team their impressions of the EHR software programs offered by the different vendors.  Ins some instances, you may want to visit other facilities to see how well the software operates in a live environment. Keep three things in mind when making your decision.

  1. Ease of use
  2. References
  3. Terms and conditions.

5. Negotiate your Contract

Once you've decided on the best EHR software for your organization, it's time for negotiation.  Be sure to request that your vendor include these things in your contract.

  • Education and training
  • On-going support
  • Multiple license
  • Short implementation timeline
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