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Electronic Health Record

EHR or electronic health record is the digital format that permits patient health records to shared quickly among other health care providers and insurers.

How Does EHR Improve Patient Care?
The expansion of health information technology is important to the improvement of the health care industry as a whole. Health IT which includes the electronic health record (EHR) enables health care providers to effectively manage patient care through the use and sharing of patient records.

5 Steps to Selecting EHR Software
The time has come to upgrade your old paper-based medical record system to the electronic health record (EHR). Of course you want to select the best EHR software for your organization. There are five simple steps to the selection process.

Electronic Health Record Versus Paper Medical Record
The health care industry has been slow to fully integrate to a digital medical record system. With new technologies being developed constantly, the health care industry is finally beginning to come on board with the rest of the world. Many providers have been hesitant to take on the task of converting from the paper-based medical record system...

Considering Telemedicine as an Option
Telemedicine is the use of technology to provide patient care at a distance via electronic communications.

The SOAP Format for the Electronic Health Record
Using the SOAP format is an effective method for documentation...

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