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HIPAA Compliant Office Products


All healthcare providers have a responsibility to keep their staff trained and their medical office equipped with the necessary tools to stay HIPAA compliant.

You don't have to be a HIPAA expert in order to protect the privacy of your patients. While comprehensive training is necessary, to ensure complete HIPAA compliance there should be a combination of education, training and HIPAA compliant products in place.

There are lots of products available to help you adhere to HIPAA rules and regulations. Here are 4 essential HIPAA office products that are a must have.

1. Ingenix HIPAA Tool Kit:

HIPAA toolkit
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The HIPAA Toolkit is a great resource designed to assist health care providers with the necessary tools to keep the Medical Office HIPAA compliant.  It can be purchased on CD-ROM, eBook or Binder and features:

  • Over 200 customizable templates for the development of Medical Office policies.
  • Reference pages define key terms and answer HIPAA questions
  • Free online updates with recent changes
  • Guidance for HIPAA security, privacy, and transactions
  • Skills test to check your understanding of HIPAA 
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2. HIPAA Compliant Shredders:

HIPAA Compliant Shredders
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Paper PHI should never be thrown in the regular trash. Before PHI can be thrown out it should be made indecipherable by shredding or burning. The safest and easiest way to destroy PHI is by shredding it.  

There are a wide range of HIPAA compliant paper shredders to choose from depending on the needs of your Medical Office.

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3. HIPAA Compliant Privacy Screen Filters:

HIPAA Privacy Screen Filters
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Health care providers spend thousands of dollars on computer software to protect patient confidential information but computer monitors are generally in plain sight.  

Check-in desks and nurses stations are out in the open where anyone can see protected health information. Go the extra mile for your patient's privacy with a HIPAA compliant privacy screen.

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4. HIPAA Compliant Chart Holders:

HIPAA Chart Holders
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Every time a patient's confidential information is being utilized, it needs to be protected.  The use of HIPAA compliant chart holders a simple but easy way to protect PHI in your Medical Office.  

Chart holders should be mounted and the front panel covered according to HIPAA standards.  Choose between a large variety of chart holders based on your facilities particular needs.

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