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Collection Practices

Collecting on patient copays and deductibles are vital for the stability of your facility.

3 Ways to Improve Patient Billing Communication
Patient satisfaction is not just based on how well the patient view the medical treatment received but also includes how well the patient understands the medical bills they receive.

Collections Practices and Customer Service
Maintain excellent customer service and maximize collections from patient payments.

When Patients Refuse to Pay
The last conversation a provider wants to have with a patient is a discussion over refusal to pay for what the patient perceives as inadequate treatment. Only one question comes to mind - How can we rectify the situation?

10 Things Patients Should Bring
Patients play an important role when it comes to their healthcare. One part of that role is making sure to bring important information to facilitate the registration process when they present for treatment. It is your role as the provider to inform the patient by keeping your staff informed or creating documents that inform the patient.

Need Cash Fast?
There are many factors that can cause a medical office to need to collect revenue quickly. Increasing revenue in 10 days or less can be done with the right strategy in place.

A Conflict of Interest for Physicians
Small physician practices are often faced with situations that may be considered as a conflict of interest. One conflict of interest could be the handling of patient payments and payment plans by the physician.

Be Proactive Instead of Reactive

8 Questions Your Patients May Be Asking
Providing exceptional patient service sometimes means answering some difficult questions that your patients may be asking. Be prepared to answer these questions or create a document that provides answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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