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Medical Coding

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  3. ICD-9 Codes (21)
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5 Things to Know About ICD-10
There are several things a medical office manager must know in order to begin planning in preparation for the ICD-10 implementation.

Why Medical Coding Should Be Accurate?
Medical coding is a major factor in obtaining insurance reimbursement as well as maintaining patient records. Coding claims accurately lets the insurance payer know the illness or injury of the patient and the method of treatment.

Coding, Billing and Collections Practices in Medical Offices
Coding, billing, and collections are important to a thriving medical facility no matter the size or specialty.

The Basics of Medical Coding

How to Meet Medical Necessity Requirements
A physician must be thorough in their notes and explanations in order to give the payer’s medical reviewers sufficient data from which to determine the necessity of a diagnosis, a set of tests, or a treatment or therapy.

Simple Steps to Appeal a Medical Necessity Denial
There are many reasons for insurance carriers to deny an insurance claim. When the reason is for NMN or "No Medical Necessity", it is important to know that the answer is not final. There is always the option of filing an appeal.

ICD-10 Checkup
The road to ICD-10 implementation does not have to be a rocky one. Preparation can help to make your transition to ICD-10 smooth and less stressful.

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