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Claims Follow Up

There are lots of things your medical office can do to prevent delays in claim processing and in some instances result in a higher reimbursement. Claims follow up leads to consistent outcomes in your efforts to collect revenue.

Improve AR Days with Claim Follow-Up
Once the bill has been received by the insurance company, you do not have to be at their mercy to get paid in a timely manner. Follow-up on your outstanding claims and improve the time it takes to get your claims paid.

Reduce Claims Processing Time
Getting your medical claims out of the door and paid as soon as possible is every health care provider's primary goal as far as finance is concerned. The faster the claim goes out, the faster the money comes in. Make sure your office is equipped with the necessary software to save time and money.

5 Fundamentals to Efficient Follow Up
Adequate staffing with proper collections training will provide the desired outcome in your the collections phase of the revenue cycle. Medical office staff should be aware of the fundamental steps necessary for efficient follow up of insurance claims.

Understanding Claims Adjudication
Claims Adjudication refers to the determination of the insurer's payment or financial responsibility, after the member's insurance benefits are applied to a medical claim.

Tips for Getting Your Aged Accounts Paid
Getting aged accounts paid can be done but there are still some time restrictions so time is of the essence.

Be Proactive Instead of Reactive

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