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Performance Support Tools for Medical Billers


Whenever a medical office begins to struggle with revenue performance, they usually make the decision between hiring a consultant to turn things around or outsource some or all of the medical billing and collections. One company, GenX Billing Solutions offers a new solution to poor revenue cycle performance. GenX Billing Solutions provides custom performance support tools, or job aids, to assist medical billers with completing tasks necessary for maximum financial performance. These job aids can be used in the training and development of your medical office staff.

Reaching the financial goals of your medical office can begin today. With the use of job aids, your medical office can improve it's performance in just 30 days of implementing them into your daily billing and collections procedures.

1. Who Can Use Billing Job Aids?

Job aids are available for the use for improving financial performance for any health care or medical organization that performs billing and collections tasks:

  • Hospitals Billing Office
  • Physicians Practices
  • Professional Billers
  • Medical Billing Companies
  • Medical Billing Specialists
  • Patient Financial Services
  • Health Care Administrators

2. What are the Benefits of Job Aids?

GenX Billing Solutions provides you and your staff with specifically designed, high-quality, user-friendly job aids guaranteed to increase productivity and accuracy. It doesn't matter how well-developed your plans are-they cannot be implemented properly without the help of your staff.

  • Get Paid Faster
  • Reduce Denials
  • Increase Productivity
  • Raise Employee Moral
  • Lower Outsourcing Costs

3. How Does It Work?

Customizing your structure begins with an analysis of your needs and ends with a step-by-step guideline that organizes your medical bills. It's never been easier for you to help your patients ensure their insurance company pays the medical bill.

GenX Billing Solutions provides a consultation to see where your troubles are and can create job aids for the medical office staff for maximum job performance. The job aids provide assistance in the proper and accurate filing and collection guidelines in order to get medical claims paid fast. It also simplifies the process for medical office staff by having step-by-step instructions for billing and collecting for your particular needs.

4. What Types of Formats?

The job aids can be designed in any format that is best for the improved performance of your medical office. Popular formats include:

  1. Diagrams
  2. Checklists
  3. Cheat Sheets
  4. Desk Manuals
  5. Reminder Cards
  6. Reminder Stickers
  7. Step-by-Step Instructions
  8. Policy and Procedure Manuals

5. What Tasks Can the Job Aids Be Used For?

  • UB-04 Completion
  • CMS-1500 Completion
  • Late Billing
  • Paper Billing
  • Tertiary Billing
  • Patient Collections
  • Electronic Billing
  • Secondary Billing
  • Corrected Claims
  • Cancelled Claims
  • Denial Resolutions
  • Payer Specific Billing
  • Insurance Collections
  • Patient Registration
  • Insurance Verification
  • Upfront Collections

6. Why Use Medical Office Job Aids?

Medical billing and collections are essential to achieving the financial goals in every medical office. If your medical office is not achieving its financial goals, it may be possible that your billing and collections staff doesn't have the tools, instructions, resources, or references necessary to perform tasks efficiently and effectively.

Job aids are the perfect alternative to outsourcing medical billing. You can keep your billing inhouse while improving the performance of your medical office. In other words, the same results of outsourcing with none of the disadvatanges such as:

  1. No control over employees
  2. Risks to patient satisfaction
  3. Fewer HIPAA privacy and security breaches
  4. Possible hidden costs
  5. No flexibility
  6. Limitations
  7. Contractual misunderstandings

7. Contacting GenX Billing Solutions

Proven Solutions to Medical Billing & Collection Difficulties
GenX Billing Solutions
PO Box 12191
Durham, NC 27713
Email: info@genxbilling.com
Phone: (919)896-9479
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
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