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Training and Development

5 Steps for Creating an Effective Social Media Policy
If you haven't done so already, it is time to update your medical office policies to include the use of Social Media for both personal and professional use.

Performance Support Tools for Medical Billers
When the medical office thinks the only alternative to improving financial performance is to outsource its medical billing, there is another way. One company has what they call "Proven Solutions to Medical Billing & Collection Difficulties" in the form of performance support tools.

Strengthen Your Medical Office Staff
Your medical office staff is your greatest asset but what happens when they are not operating at 100%? Learn how to strengthen your medical office staff.

Get Maximum Performance from Your Employees
As the leader of your organization, one of your many responsibilities is to find ways to motivate your employees. It is important to understand what factors influence maximum performance and how.

3 Golden Rules to Medical Office Management
The medical office manager is ultimately responsible for the success of the entire staff. Managers are required to distribute the work load, motivate and supervise staff, and coordinate the smooth operations of the office. Of course, when things go well, the medical office manager gets all the credit but when things don't go well they also get...

Building a Dynamite Patient Access Team
The cycle of a patient account originates with the initial entry of patient demographic information. Building a dynamite patient access team is a crucial step toward improving billing and collections efforts and increasing revenue cycle performance.

Telephone Etiquette
Does your receptionist have excellent telephone etiquette? It is important for your medical office staff to consistently offer a polite, consistent phone manner. When a patient calls in, the way in which the front desk personnel handle the telephone call determines how your facility is perceived.

E-mail Netiquette Guidelines
Electronic communication is becoming more popular these days than phone calls, “snail” mail and, even in some instances, face-to-face meetings. In any professional setting including the medical office it is important to consider several things when sending out emails to coworkers, patients, physicians, hospitals, vendors or other professionals.

Measuring Medical Office Staff Performance
Managers can measure medical office staff performance by developing and maintaining a system that measures both quality and quantity of work as specified in the job description for each position.

Using Quality Analysis to Improve Finances
Financial performance is the foundation that the entire organization rests on. If your finances are not where you want them to be, learn how quality analysis can be used to reach your financial goals.

Effectively Delegating Tasks
Delegation is the act or process of giving the responsibility for a job or duty or part of a job or duty to another person. This is an important skill to master for many reasons.

The Importance of Medical Office Staff Development

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