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Recruiting a successful medical office staff is an important responsibility. Customers of a medical office are not typical customers. They are patients that expect the highest quality of care and some may be in the midst of a medical crisis which requires delicate handling. Not only is it important for the staff to have certain professional skills and strengths, it is imperative that they understand that patient lives are reliant on the quality of their work. Effective planning is essential for recruiting success.

Phase 1: Creating the Job Description
Job descriptions should clearly define the functions and other pertinent information necessary to understand the details of the position.

Phase 2: Developing the Recruiting Process
The next phase in recruiting medical office staff requires special planning before any steps are taken.

Phase 3: Identifying a Pool of Qualified Candidates for Selection
The next phase in recruiting medical office staff is selecting applicants to interview.

Phase 4: Recruit One of the Finalists
The final phase in recruiting medical office staff is choosing a candidate for the position.

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