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Medical Office December 2011 Archive


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January 2012: Upcoming National Health Observances

Saturday December 31, 2011
Attention health professionals, teachers, and community groups! By supporting National Health Observances, you can: Educate the public about health risks Organize successful health promotion events and campaigns Get new ideas, information, and resources on ... Read More

5 New Patient Handouts

Tuesday December 27, 2011
There is a lot of information that new patient's of the medical office need to be aware of. New patient's need to know the hours of operation, what items ... Read More

5 Things to Know About ICD-10

Thursday December 15, 2011
ICD-10 compliance is tentatively scheduled for October 1, 2013. Although it seems far away, this day will be here before you know it. With all the planning it will ... Read More

7 Disadvantages of Outsourcing Your Medical Billing

Monday December 12, 2011
Recently About Medical Office published an article on 7 Advantages of Outsourcing Your Medical Billing. Examining the advantages of outsourcing your billing might not be a bad idea. Medical ... Read More

About Medical Office: November's Most Popular Review

Monday December 5, 2011
About.com Medical Office: What's Hot Now Avoid Violating HIPAA Claims Denial Reasons Financial Policy Hiring Medical Office Staff Medical Records Clerk About.com Medical Office: Most Popular Blog Medical Office Bulletin Board: The 5 Top Read Articles of ... Read More

Phase 4: Recruit One of the Finalists

Friday December 2, 2011
Highly qualified staff is the most valuable resource within the medical office. However, recruiting a highly qualified staff for your medical office requires effective planning and execution. Read ... Read More

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