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Medical Office October 2010 Archive


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Medicare Incentives for “Meaningful EHR Users”

Tuesday October 12, 2010
If you were waiting for a more perfect time to begin upgrading your medical office from the old paper-based system to electronic health records (EHR), the time is now. ... Read More

Health Care Reform Impacts the Principal

Tuesday October 12, 2010
From the beginning, everyone has wondered how health care reform would impact the health care industry. With major changes already in effect, one company has made a huge decision ... Read More

First Stage in Health Care Reform

Tuesday October 12, 2010
Effective today, many American families will begin to reap the benefits of the recent changes mandated by the new health care laws. Although there has been lots of controversy ... Read More

The Affordable Care Act and What it Means for Health Care Providers

Tuesday October 12, 2010
Many provisions of the Affordable Care Act began immediately with the remaining provisions to take effect over a four-year period. Unless you have a crystal ball no one knows ... Read More

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