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Joy Hicks

Medical Office Bulletin Board

By April 30, 2011

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This week's Medical Office Topics

  • 5 Steps of a Strategic Plan: In any medical office there are factors that can influence the success of the organization. The key is identifying those factors whether they are within your control or not, and developing a plan that will lead to the achievement of the organization's future goals.

    This process of identifying the medical office goals and developing the plans to achieve those goals, is referred to as strategic planning. Every medical office need to develop a strategic plan whether for a new start-up or when re-evaluating an existing one. There are five areas of focus in the strategic planning process.

  • Hiring the Best Medical Office Staff: As everyone knows, first impressions are lasting ones. The first impressions your customers receive about your medical practice are often from your office staff making them crucial to the success of your organization. It is helpful to know what skills are important for each position when hiring your medical office staff.
  • Selecting EHR Software:The time has come to upgrade your old paper-based medical record system to the electronic health record (EHR). Of course you want to select the best EHR software for your organization. There are five simple steps to the selection process.
  • Releasing Protected Health Information: PHI or Protected Health Information refers to any individually identifying information included in a patient's medical record that is transmitted or maintained in any form. Although that seems to be a broad definition, according to HIPAA.com, PHI can be broken down into 18 identifiers.

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